5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting An Urgent Care

5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting An Urgent Care

Urgent care facilities are walk-in medical centers where you can visit a medical professional without booking a prior appointment. They are smaller than traditional hospitals and are ideal for treating and managing minor injuries or illnesses. At Indycare we can provide easy access to urgent medical care when your primary healthcare physician is unavailable. If you are not familiar with urgent care facilities, these are 5 things you may need to know before walking into one: 

An Urgent Care Facility Is Different From An Emergency Room 

Urgent care facilities address medical issues that are not emergencies but need to be addressed within 24 hours at most. Examples of urgent care cases include minor accidents, fever, flu, minor fractures, eye irritations, sprains, rashes, sore throats, and UTIs. If you are in need of urgent care for any of these or other non-life-threatening conditions, you should visit us.

Medical emergencies are considered life-threatening and should be attended to in a hospital’s emergency ward. Examples of emergencies include a heart attack or stroke, a compound fracture, convulsions, loss of consciousness, heavy bleeding, and serious injuries. In the case of these conditions, you should call 911 immediately. 

You can Book an Appointment Online 

Although urgent care facilities are walk-in, meaning you don’t need an appointment to see a health care provider, you may still be able to book an appointment online to cut down on waiting time and see the medical professional faster. Also, booking an appointment can help the facility prepare better for your arrival, reducing your time spent in the clinic even more. 

Know The Right Documents to Bring Along 

An urgent care facility may not have your medical care records as a traditional hospital would. Hence, it is advisable you bring all necessary medical documents with you on your visit. These documents include your ID, recent prescriptions, past diagnosis, and your health insurance information. Bringing along necessary information improves your urgent care experience. 

Most Urgent Care Facilities Run 7 Days a Week 

You would be able to visit most urgent care facilities any day of the week except Sundays. Many facilities are also open for at least 8 hours per day, so you can fix a visit within your schedule that is convenient for you while booking your appointment.

Urgent Care Facilities Are Relatively Cheaper Than Emergency Rooms 

The cost of visiting an urgent care facility is relatively less than what you would pay in an emergency room. Before your visit, it might be helpful to check in with the facility to receive an estimated cost of your visit. That way, you are better prepared, although you can rest assured knowing it won’t break your bank. 

Finding The Right Urgent Care Facility For You 

Are you looking for the right urgent care facility for your needs? You should not wait till you require urgent care before choosing a facility. The right facility should be able to provide specialized urgent care if you need that too. 

Do you live or work in Hillsborough, NC, and you need an excellent urgent care facility around you? You can contact us to book an appointment.