IndyCare’s guidelines for COVID-19: COVID Holiday Travel Testing

IndyCare’s guidelines for COVID-19: COVID Holiday Travel Testing

As we work through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have bettered our knowledge on how to combat the virus. Perhaps the most effective method at our disposal is simply staying home and stopping the spread. Unfortunately, staying home isn’t always an option. Sometimes, travel is a necessity, whether that be for work, holiday or family purposes. Our guidelines will explain testing, restrictions and best practices for traveling during the pandemic.

Travel Restrictions during COVID-19 

Before taking any trip, it’s important to educate yourself on any potential travel restrictions due to the COVID pandemic. Depending on your destination, there could be state, local and territorial restrictions in place. These can include measures such as quarantine, testing requirements and even stay at home orders. 

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If you are planning air travel, then you need to check with your airline about whether they require any specific information. Remember to check with the state and  local health departments before you travel.

North Carolina restrictions on gatherings 

North Carolina has a number of restrictions in place that cover community events and social gatherings, so it’s important to make sure you are fully aware of the updated rules.

Executive Order 176 lowered the indoor mass gathering limit for social gatherings to 10, this was signed in an effort to bring down the infection rate. The executive order covers the following events and gatherings:

  1. Indoor in-home gatherings
  2. Indoor in-home social events
  3. All other indoor gatherings not otherwise exempted from the Executive Order

However, executive Order 176 does not cover all events and gatherings, so here are the exceptions:

  1. Worship, religious, spiritual gatherings, wedding ceremonies, funeral services, and other First Amendment activities
  2. Gatherings for work or for receiving governmental services
  3. Gatherings at places that are subject to other capacity limits stated in the Executive Orders. These include fitness and exercise facilities, restaurants, personal care businesses, museums and aquariums, movie theaters, hotels, conference centers, and reception venues.
  4. Normal operations at airports, bus and train stations or stops, medical facilities, libraries, shopping malls and shopping centers.
  5. Families of more than 10 people who reside together.

Additionally, large outdoor venues with a seating capacity greater than 10,000, are allowed to operate at a 7% occupancy rate for fans and spectators. Smaller venues may operate at a 30% occupancy or 100 people, following whichever number is less.

PCR Travel Testing

While travel and events will continue to be more difficult during the COVID pandemic, one way to make things easier is through testing. Whether it’s mandatory or not, testing helps you make the best decisions for you and your family while also allowing hosts, travel organizations and local authorities to maintain safety.

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