How to Manage Your Workplace During COVID-19

How to Manage Your Workplace During COVID-19

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about our lives, including how and where we work. While most people shifted to working from home in 2020, many businesses have recently welcomed their employees back to the workplace. While the U.S. has certainly made progress in the fight against COVID-19, we’re not out of the woods yet, especially with the emergence of highly contagious variants. As such, it’s still essential for workplaces to take necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among employees. Here are our top tips for managing your workplace during COVID-19. 

  1. Have a screening process in place 

Ask your employees to screen themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 every day. Many employers do this by having their employees check in each day on an app before starting work. Also be sure to screen anyone who enters your workplace, such as visitors, inspectors, and contractors. 

  1. Send sick employees home

If employees start to feel unwell or exhibit symptoms at work, immediately instruct them to go home. Encourage them to self-isolate, get tested at a local testing center, and receive a negative result before returning to in-person work. If your business is local to Hillsborough, NC, your employees can take advantage of IndyCare’s online portal to book an appointment online and receive curbside COVID-19 testing.

  1. Minimize close contact among employees

COVID-19 can spread like wildfire in office settings or other work environments where people are in close proximity to each other. Take a look at how your workplace is set up and reorganize it so that employees have some distance between each other. You may also want to consider setting up staggered schedules to reduce the number of employees in the office at one time. Additionally, if employees can do their jobs from home, encourage them to do so to further reduce the number of people in the workplace. 

  1. Use masks

Well-fitted masks are crucial to reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. All employees should wear a mask at all times, except when alone in a private room or office.  

  1. Regularly disinfect common areas  

At least once a day, prioritize cleaning high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and break room counters and appliances. 

  1. Encourage employees to get vaccinated 

The COVID-19 vaccines are our greatest weapon against the spread of this virus. Encourage your employees to get their vaccinations to protect themselves and their co-workers. You could even consider creating an incentive program.

If you’re seeking a reliable COVID-19 vaccine provider in Hillsborough, NC, we welcome your whole team at IndyCare urgent care. Anyone can easily schedule an appointment online to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. 

The bottom line 

By following the above standard operating procedures (SOP) for prevention of COVID, you’ll be keeping your employees safe and reducing the spread of COVID-19 inside and outside your workplace. Prevention really is a team effort, so make sure your employees are aware of the protocols that are in place and follow them to the best of their abilities.