IndyCare’s guidelines for COVID-19: Staying Safe at School or Work during COVID-19

IndyCare’s guidelines for COVID-19: Staying Safe at School or Work during COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to widespread disruption in almost all of our lives. Whether it be schooling or work, the virus has upended our normal routines. But as we become better equipped to fight the virus and have a better understanding of how to react, we can now return to work and school. However, it’s still incredibly important to be careful and our guidelines will help you stay safe at school and work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting kids back in school safely is an absolute priority. Children With COVID-19 are less likely to have severe symptoms than adults and are far more likely to be asymptomatic. Additionally, there is simply no better learning environment, with many young students (particularly those in low income households) struggling to complete classwork at home. 

But any return must be done as safely as possible and all necessary precautions must be taken. Physical distancing must take place with the goal to keep children six feet apart. Masks need to be worn by both students and staff to help limit spread of the virus. If your children feel ill or have a fever, then they should be kept at home.

  1. Children must social distance with the aim of keeping six feet apart.
  2. Lunches should be eaten at the child’s desk.
  3. Masks should be worn.
  4. Wash hands regularly
  5. Keep children home if they feel ill or have a temperature.
  6. Use outdoor spaces

There are several precautions that offices and places of work must take before the safe return of workers can happen:

  1. The building must be checked for general occupancy, this is particularly important after long periods of lockdown which can lead to issues such as pests and mold damage.
  2. Proper ventilation as well as increased circulation of outside air needs to be in place.
  3. Areas of increased COVID risk need to be assessed and clearly marked and communicated to all employees.
  4. Hazard controls need to be put into place, such as enforced 6 feet barriers to reduce contact.
  5. Employees must be trained and informed in the new ways of working, this includes wearing a mask, social distancing and staying home when sick.
  1. Wear a mask
  2. Social distance
  3. Wash hands often
  4. Stay home when sick
  5. Avoid communal areas were possible
  6. Avoid public transport wear possible

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