Indycare’s guidelines for COVID-19: COVID symptoms that can be tick bites or COVID

Indycare’s guidelines for COVID-19: COVID symptoms that can be tick bites or COVID

Tick bites and COVID-19 symptoms share many similarities, but there are key differences to help you tell which one you likely have. It’s essential to know the difference to keep you at ease if you don’t have COVID or to ensure you don’t spread the virus if you are infected.

How to know if I have an allergy reaction from a bite

For most people, a tick bite on its own may go unnoticed. But you might see irritation on your skin and a bite mark that looks similar to a pimple. However, diseases caused by tick bites, such as lyme disease, come with many more symptoms that are easily confused with those of the coronavirus.

If you are having an allergic reaction from a tick bite, you will see redness, pain, and swelling around the bite. It’s more likely you are suffering from a tick bite or tick-related diseases if you have recently been in areas known for having ticks like forests, fields, and heavy brush.

Here is a list of symptoms for Lyme disease:

● Fever

● Chills

● Fatigue

● Muscle and joint aches

● Swollen lymph nodes

● Rash

● Headaches

● Facial palsy

How do I know if I have COVID?

If you think your symptoms indicate that you may have COVID, here are the signs you should look out for. Remember, we still don’t know how COVID affects various individuals and your symptoms may differ from someone of seemingly similar health and age.

When you or someone you know has come into contact with a person infected with COVID, it’s far more likely that you may have been infected too. Keeping these situational factors in mind helps narrow down the probable cause of your symptoms.

Common COVID-19 symptoms:

● Fever

● Dry cough

● Trouble breathing

● Body aches

● Fatigue

● Sore throat

● Headache

● Loss of taste or smell

● Congestion

● Pinkeye

● Skin rash

● Gastrointestinal issues

Difference between COVID-19 and tick bite symptoms

The main difference between COVID-19 and tick bite symptoms are respiratory. Tick bites will not cause congestion, coughing, or sinus pain. Although tick bites can lead to trouble breathing, it is extremely uncommon and is far more likely to indicate an infection from the coronavirus.

The only way to be sure you don’t have COVID-19 is to be tested. Indycare does contactless and curbside care, giving you rapid COVID tests that allow you to see your results online. No need to wait for an email or phone call. Just look online and see your results instantly.

COVID-19 or insect bite - Hillsborough

If you need to be seen for an insect bite in Hillsborough, make an appointment online with Indycare and be seen the same day. You can also use our patient portal to see a medical specialist online and have your medication sent straight to your door—no need to leave your home and expose yourself to COVID infection risks.