Let's Work Safely

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Knowledge is Power

The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges for businesses. Employers require immediate solutions to operate a safe work environment for employees and customers. 

IndyCare is working with North Carolina businesses to implement workplace safety programs that include direct access to COVID-19 Testing. Rapid testing is convenient for employees, reduces fear, and is a proactive way for employers to help contain the virus.

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Rapid Results

We provide a variety of COVID-19 testing solutions for employers including individual diagnostic testing, rapid testing, saliva testing, and serial workforce screening. Our testing solutions can be used in combination with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and CDC protocols to safely clear employees to return to work. 

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A Program Approach

Every employer has different needs and capabilities. We can work with you on your overall workplace safety program including serial testing, employee monitoring, and return-to-work protocols for sick employees or those with possible exposure. We also provide telemedicine video visits which can be incorporated into your overall return-to-work program. 

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Coverage and Pricing

Some services can be covered under the employee's insurance benefits such as virtual visits and diagnostic testing. For employer billed testing the cost ranges from $100 - $120 for individual diagnostic testing. We also offer pooled saliva testing as a very cost-effective strategy for workplace serial testing. These costs include the cost for IndyCare to collect specimens at the employer worksite if necessary. COVID-19 supply chain costs change regularly so check with us to confirm up to date pricing. 

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Are you ready to secure your COVID-19 workplace safety solutions?

We offer comprehensive workplace COVID-19 safety plans including testing, personal protective equipment (PPE), employee clearance protocols, and telemedicine. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. 


The situation around all things related to COVID-19 evolves rapidly and continually. This includes CDC and state guidance for isolation protocols, testing, and use of PPE. It also includes the supply chain for COVID-19 related supplies such as testing and PPE. We monitor all of this daily and update as needed.

For businesses currently in operation, we recommend that you secure your solutions for maintaining a safe working environment right away.