Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough, NC

There is No Wrong Door To Better

IndyCare offers multiple ways to receive care conveniently and safely.

Doctor appointment in Hillsborough, NC

In-Clinic Visits

We offer a private and safe in-clinic care experience for non-respiratory illness visits. Your safety is our priority. All patients are screened before entering and there is never more than one patient at a time inside the clinic. Feel confident to get the care you need safely at IndyCare.

Curbside Care

Get full-service urgent care from your car through our new curbside health service. Receive a medical exam, rapid testing, labs, and more from our private curbside care carport. 

Curbside care in Hillsborough, NC
Online doctor appointment

Video Visits

IndyCare video visits offer a safe and convenient solution for many everyday illnesses and injuries. If your care requires additional in-person services or testing you can receive them after your initial video visit through our curbside and in-clinic options. 

Medication Delivery

IndyCare works with local pharmacies that offer free local delivery if you require a prescription from your video visit

Medicines delivery