$1/day never got you so much!


Unlimited urgent
care visits


$10 co-pay for
each visit

Up to 80%
discount on lab tests


Free flu shot


Free school or
work physical

ancillary services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is IndyPass health insurance?

    IndyPass is NOT an insurance policy and does not cover any services outside of IndyCare. This program is designed to allow participating members to obtain the program beneļ¬ts provided by IndyPass. It does not involve insurance or evidence of insurance coverage. In addition, IndyPass makes no representation or statement that claims to offer or provide healthcare insurance coverage. We only provide discounts on medical services to our IndyPass members.

  • What services are included with IndyPass?

    IndyPass grants members unlimited Urgent Care visits for just $10 per visit as well as discounts on labs and ancillary services and procedures performed in-house at IndyCare.

  • How long is my membership commitment?

    IndyPass is a 12-month membership commitment. This allows us to provide you transparency and predictability on your annual out-of-pocket costs for urgent care services.

  • What happens if I need lab tests with my visit?

    We include several basic points of care lab tests for no extra charge (e.g. flu test, strep test, urine analysis. For external labs, we have a special arrangement with Quest Labs that provides our members up to 80% off the normal self-pay cost for lab tests.

  • What happens if I need a prescription?

    We have partnered with Hillsborough Pharmacy to offer flat-rate pricing of $10 or $15 for the most common prescriptions used for urgent care visits.