Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough, NC

IndyCare Partnership


  • What is IndyCare?

    IndyCare is a retail health and wellness center that provides technology-enhanced, collaborative care on-demand, at your local independent community pharmacy. IndyCare transforms your pharmacy into an integrated healthcare destination, that empowers your local community to thrive through exceptional health.

  • What services does IndyCare provide?

    The core services offered at IndyCare include urgent care for acute illnesses and injuries, preventive health exams and screenings, collaborative clinical pharmacy services, and occupational health. In addition, each IndyCare location also offers a variety of bespoke health solutions to address unique local healthcare needs.

  • How is IndyCare different from big box pharmacy chain retail clinics?

    IndyCare was designed and developed by pharmacists as a model to empower pharmacists to participate in care delivery in their communities. The chain pharmacy retail clinic model provides care in a siloed manner that ultimately hasn’t improved long-term outcomes. Their model also ignores the pharmacist as an integral part of the care delivery team. IndyCare aims to do much better. We provide simplified urgent care services and on-demand preventive health solutions. Our providers and host pharmacists work collaboratively together with primary care practices to deliver value-based care. Interwoven throughout our model is a thoughtful customer experience that taps the latest advancements in digital health.

  • Is it legal for me to have an IndyCare at my Pharmacy? 

    Our pharmacy-based clinic model has been fully vetted by medical attorneys to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory statutes governing medical and pharmacy practice in the state of North Carolina. 

  • How do I know if IndyCare is a good fit for my Pharmacy? 

    The first and most important factor for the potential success of IndyCare at your pharmacy is you. To be successful with IndyCare at your pharmacy you must first see yourself as an essential part of care delivery in your community. You must also be committed to the provision of clinical pharmacy services aimed at impacting population health outcomes. Once you have committed to the future of your pharmacy as a healthcare delivery destination then we can help you with the rest. We will perform a complete evaluation of your pharmacy site and consider location, available space, demographics, competition, and other factors to assess the viability of your pharmacy for the IndyCare model.