Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough, NC

Sexual Health at IndyCare

Holistic, quality, convenient care at your fingertips.

Why Choose IndyCare

Superior quality of care

Sexual Health Hillsborough, NC

The convenience of virtual
or in-person consultations
with the quality of a
full-service medical practice
offering follow-up care and
testing as needed.

5-star customer

Womens sexual health in Hillsborough, NC

IndyCare was voted Best Medical Practice by the News of Orange and has over 800 5-star reviews from patients.

How it Works

Womens sexual health

1. Book a virtual or in-person consultation.
2. You will receive a link to an online registration to complete before your consultation.

3. Meet with your provider. They will take a short health history and examination and recommend the appropriate testing, done on-site at IndyCare.

4. Receive your test results. Some rapid test results available in 15 minutes.

5. Our medical provider will discuss treatment and follow-up options with you.