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Collaborative Care Services

IndyCare can partner with your primary care provider to help achieve your health goals


At IndyCare, we believe that the best healthcare is local and supported by a neighborhood of healthcare providers working together with the patient’s needs at the center. This is why we are located within your local community pharmacy to better collaborate with your pharmacist and synchronize your care.

IndyCare also partners with Kannapolis area physicians and hospitals to provide certain collaborative care services, in which case your primary care physician may refer you to IndyCare or Cannon Pharmacy Kannapolis South for follow-up and management of your chronic conditions. We are located inside Cannon Pharmacy Kannapolis South and are open seven days a week, making us a very convenient location to receive regular health coaching and support. Some examples of our Collaborative Care services include:

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Transitional Care Management

If you’ve recently been hospitalized, the process of getting discharged and successfully back on your feet and into your home can be challenging. In fact, many patients are at risk of being readmitted to the hospital during the first 30 days after they are discharged. IndyCare and Cannon Pharmacy Kannapolis (South) work together with local hospitals to help coordinate your transition home. This includes reviewing your care plan and ensuring that you have the medications you need, helping to arrange follow-up care with your physician, and addressing any other bumps you may encounter on your road to recovery.

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Annual Wellness Visits 

If you are a Medicare patient, you are likely eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit each year. This is not a yearly physical, but rather, a visit where you can review your current medical conditions with your provider, set health goals and develop a treatment plan. Since IndyCare and Cannon Pharmacy Kannapolis (South) are accessible care solutions in your community, your physician may refer you to us to perform your annual wellness visit and to work with them to support your overall care plan.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Medicare patients may also be eligible for certain remote-monitoring services using digital healthcare technology. This includes monitoring devices for blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, physical activity and many more. As your local community health hub, your physician may refer you to IndyCare and Cannon Pharmacy Kannapolis (South) for a consultation to setup these remote health-monitoring solutions.

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Chronic Care Management 

Achieving your goals for management of chronic conditions can be difficult and sometimes you need a little help. Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions may be eligible for our Chronic Care Management service. Our clinical pharmacist will check-in with you each month to make sure your medications are optimized, address questions about your care goals and work collaboratively with your primary care physician to keep you on track.