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Transform Your Pharmacy Into a Healthcare Destination with IndyCare

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Empowering Pharmacy Owners

We fundamentally believe in the value of community pharmacy and that the path forward for independents must evolve into care delivery. IndyCare is your trusted partner to help achieve this transformation while maintaining your autonomy and the relationships you have built with patients at your pharmacy. 

A Turn-Key Solution

It requires a tremendous amount of work and cost to start your own pharmacy-based medical practice. IndyCare has already invested in the development and optimization of this solution and can provide a turn-key operating system for your pharmacy clinic including design, medical supervision, payer contracts, technology platform, vendor partnerships, and more. 

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A Truly Collaborative Model

IndyCare enables your pharmacists and pharmacy staff to become part of a collaborative medical neighborhood. You will be able to close population health care gaps and support the efforts of primary care providers in your community to deliver improved patient outcomes without having to set up complicated contracts with individual primary care practices (PCPs). We follow the NCQA Patient-Centered Connected Care standards to collaborate, communicate and connect with primary care and ensure that the care delivered at your pharmacy clinic is synergistic with the efforts of PCPs. 

Greater Impact in Your Community

We believe that great healthcare is local, personal, and empathetic to each individual and that a collaborative medical neighborhood of resources and providers can enhance the overall health of communities. The services provided by IndyCare are complementary to the value your pharmacy already provides and will allow you to impact the health of your community in new and exciting ways. 

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Financially Rewarding

The transformation of your pharmacy into a healthcare destination can be both professionally and financially rewarding. As a partner/owner of your business, you will directly reap the financial benefits of successfully implementing this model. You can finally start getting compensated for the true value of the services you provide to your community including pharmacy clinical services. 

Are You An Existing Pharmacy Owner? 

If you are a pharmacy owner then you know that our business has changed significantly in recent years. The service you provide to patients has been effectively commoditized through reduced reimbursements, DIR fees and circumvention practices such as mandatory mail-order and preferred networks. Our profession’s attempts to secure direct reimbursement for clinical services have also mostly failed.

Given these challenges, the founders of IndyCare felt compelled to “flip the script” and create a pharmacy-based clinic model for independents, providing the opportunity to transform your pharmacy into a healthcare destination and participate directly in care delivery to your patients. 
IndyCare has proven that our model can successfully drive this shift for independents in a manner which is both professionally and financially rewarding. We are now successful and motivated independent pharmacy partners to replicate this success at additional locations. Through partnership, the reality of your own pharmacy-based collaborative care clinic is now within reach. 

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