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Hillsborough, NC

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  • What is IndyPass?

    IndyPass is an annual membership plan that allows you to seek care where you are and when you need it. Healthcare is expensive and sometimes we put off care we need because of the costs. Our attempt is to help individuals and families get care they need at an exceptionally affordable price.

  • How do I get billed?

    Each month, we will automatically deduct your membership fee from your debit or credit card.

  • How do I save money with this membership program?

    IndyPass simplifies the payment of our healthcare services. 
    ● No Insurance - Much cheaper alternative than out of pocket visits High Deductible Plan - Receive healthcare at a lower cost than traditional urgent and convenient care sites and maintain insurance coverage● Health Savings Account - Use your HSA card for the minimal facility fee as well as any extra services required

  • Is IndyPass a health insurance plan?

    IndyPass is not health insurance and does not replace health insurance. Insurance will never be billed and your visits will not be counted toward any insurance deductibles. This is a plan that allows you to have access to IndyCare – Hillsborough for the covered services at substantially lower cost than out-of-pocket expenses. 

  • When should I go to IndyCare?

    It is important to understand when you should go to IndyCare vs Emergency Room or other. IndyCare is not an appropriate facility if you are experiencing life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Even our most commonly treated illnesses may require transportation to the local emergency room if critically needed.

    Some examples of illnesses and injuries treated at IndyCare:
    ● Fractures● Sprains and strains● Cuts and lacerations● Burns● Urinary Tract Infections● Yeast Infections● Pink eye● Mono● Bronchitis● Colds● Flus● Ear Infections● Strep Throat● Rashes● Minor Abdominal Pain● Nausea and/or diarrhea
    IndyCare is not an appropriate place to receive primary care management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD, congestive heart failure, depression or chronic pain. If you have a chronic illness, IndyCare may refer you to a primary care provider or an appropriate specialist. Conversely, we may work with certain providers to help maintain your health and appropriate treatment plans for specific chronic conditions.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    We provide annual membership and bill members monthly. If you choose to cancel your membership you can choose to do so when you receive notification during your annual renewal period.