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COVID-19 travel tests in Kannapolis, NC

COVID-19 Travel & Other Testing

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What to expect

    Most travel destinations require a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72hrs of departure for your trip.
    Our standard travel service ($159) is a PCR test with results in 1-2 days or a rapid antigen test ($50) with same-day results
    Complete the online information and choose the day/time for your test. 
    Park inside our Curbside Care Cove in front of our building at the time of your appointment.


You will receive your results the same day within about 20 minutes.

The result will show that a COVID-19 PCR test or COVID-19 Antigen test was performed.

COVID-19 Testing FAQ’s

IndyCare is an official COVID-19 testing site listed with the North Carolina Department of Health. The following are frequently asked questions about our testing services.

  • What is the turnaround time for test results?

    The COVID rapid test results are available within 15 minutes. The PCR diagnostic test results are usually available within 1-2 days. The laboratory antibody test results are usually available within 24hrs. We will notify you of your test results and they will also be available in your patient portal.

  • How do I get my Test Results? 

    We will contact you once your results are available either by text or phone call. Your results will also be available in the IndyCare Patient Portal which is accessible here. If you are getting tested for Travel your results will be sent directly from the lab by email and will not be available in the IndyCare patient portal. 

  • Do you provide testing for travel?

    Yes, we provide a travel testing service with rapid results turnaround times. Our travel testing is available as a PCR test or an Antigen test. This is the type of test most commonly required for travel. The standard test result report contains all of the standard details required for international travel. This testing is not billed to insurance and does not require a medical visit with the doctor. Follow this link to schedule a travel test. The cost is $139 for a PCR test and $50 for an antigen test. 

  • Does insurance cover the COVID-19 testing?

    Yes, all major insurance plans currently cover the cost of COVID-19 related medical visits and medically necessary testing with zero copay or deductible. Insurance companies do not cover surveillance testing (e.g. travel testing or routine testing for work or school that is not medically necessary. Insurance companies periodically update their coverage policies so please check the policy of your specific insurance plan to ensure cost-free coverage for you is still in place. 

  • What if I don’t have insurance?

    You can still get tested if you don’t have insurance. The cost for a medical visit with the provider and PCR test is $199. The cost for the visit with a rapid test is $149. The cost for just a PCR test (e.g. travel testing) is $139

  • How much does the test cost if I want to pay out of pocket?

    The cost for the Covid-19 PCR test is $139, the rapid antigen test is $50

  • Do I need to have a visit first to get tested?

    Yes, for testing scheduled on our Urgent Care schedule, our policy is that an IndyCare medical provider must evaluate you as a patient, document the reason for your testing and medical necessity, determine the best test for your situation, and explain how to interpret the results. Travel and other non-medically necessary testing scheduled through our travel testing service does not require a visit with the medical provider.

  • Are your Covid-19 tests FDA approved?

    All of the COVID-19 tests provided at IndyCare have received an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

  • I’ve been exposed to someone positive for COVID-19. Should I get tested?

    If you have come in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, it is recommended that you get tested. For best results, you should wait 5 days from the time you were exposed before getting tested.

  • Do you have the COVID-19 Vaccine available? 

    Yes, we have the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine available for anyone 5+ and the Moderna vaccine for anyone 18+. Schedule your vaccine appointment here

  • How do I schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine appointment? 

    We offer Covid vaccine appointments daily. To schedule a vaccine appointment go here. Your vaccine will be administered at the pharmacy next door to the clinic. Note we do not accept walk-ins for the Covid vaccination. 

  • If I had my first COVID Vaccine somewhere else can I get my 2nd shot from IndyCare? 

    Yes. Make sure you wait 3 weeks after your first shot to schedule your second shot.