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COVID-19 Treatment IndyCare Kannapolis
IndyCare Kannapolis

COVID-19 Antibody Treatment (Paxlovid™)

IndyCare is offering Covid-19 treatments for:

    Treatment mild to moderate symptoms in HIGH RISK COVID-19 positive patients.
    See HIGH RISK qualification criteria here.

What to expect

    Treatment consists of an oral medication taken twice daily. 
    Click the HIGH RISK criteria link above to see if you qualify for treatment.
    Schedule a Covid-19/Cold&Flu - Symptoms appointment using the link below to be evaluated for treatment
    Complete your online registration before your visit.
    Park inside our Curbside Care Cove behind our building at your appointment time
    We will come out to your vehicle and start your visit which will include a medical evaluation. If you qualify for treatment the prescription can be ordered at the pharmacy and brought out to your car. 
    Treatment is covered by all major insurance. Check with your insurance plan to see if you have a copay or deductible.

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COVID-19 Treatment FAQs

  • Who can receive treatment?

    Paxlovid is indicated for people who● Have tested positive for COVID-19, and● Have mild to moderate symptoms of the disease for 5 days or less, and● Are at high risk of becoming seriously ill. See qualifying risk factors here

  • How soon does someone need to start treatment?

    Paxlovid treatment must be given within 5 days of a person’s first symptoms of COVID-19. The sooner a person receives treatment, the better.

  • Are treatments safe?

    Paxlovid treatment has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA, and more than 400,000 people have been treated with Paxlovid. Researchers continue to study treatment for safety and effectiveness. You can find more details from the FDA.

  • What treatment does IndyCare offer?

    At IndyCare we use Paxlovid an oral antiviral treatment for Covid-19.

  • Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine or booster if I have received treatment?

    If you were treated for COVID-19 you can still receive the Covid-19 vaccine primary series or booster vaccination.

  • If I don’t qualify for treatment but want help what can I do?

    You should see a healthcare provider for treatment advise. There are some over-the-counter vitamins, supplements, and supportive care measures that may be helpful in managing your illness.